Black swagger poetry slam June performance

Admin LALIG, Fri 17th, Jul 2020, 11:33

The June edition has come and gone, leaving behind moments of pure gold!

It brought an ensemble of great performers: Awombom,who together with Mr Vugar  Samson Vibimi  aka  Grand Pa, did a sketch on Refugees and Displaced people, to the extremely talented Njoke Raisa who brought down the house, to  Bamenda's foremost rapper Savji who gave us a five star performers,we were treated yet again to the soul searching and captivating performance of the one and only Mottanni,Introducing two brilliant artists: Kita and Afanyu, who were nothing but in the right place at the right time,then the musical impresario  Magbila was present bringing us gift from the ancestors, he gave us a life line with his voice and guitar.

The event was hosted by no other than our fabulous host Yembe Nfor, dressed once more by Ngah Kreativ Designs.

We want to thank our supporters and sponsors this edition: Cube Restaurant & Lounge, SySy House of Fame, Mboka Investment Company headed by the very committed community concious change maker, Dr Eric Ndeh Mboumien Ngang,we are grateful sir. To our partner the The Greens we are grateful.

The theme was Black Lives Matter, which generally, we call for the recognition that Blacks lives do matter. More importantly, we shade light on our anglophone condition, which all the performers recognise that Anglophone lives matter in Cameroon, whoever is choking them.

To our very  own Mufor Ndiks for doing backstage multitasking.

This edition was produced by no other than  the creator and Director Akumbu L. Jones.