In the name of Love, prevent Covid-19.( A short film)

Admin LALIG, Sat 25th, Apr 2020, 06:00

At this point in time in the entire world, everyone is supposed to be engaged in activities that will help flatten the curve of spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. It's no news to anyone, the issue is how vital is the information these people have. We are using this as a form of advocacy to inform our communities on how to prevent and stop the spread of the virus.

La liberté arts group has therefore decided to do a short film with the corona virus theme and preventive measures for community consumption. To get such information one doesn't need to go out because you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Alot of people need to get engaged in such activities so that only little efforts in little places will help surpress the spread. If people are not informed they will be deformed.

This film is a part of Soap237 Initiative, which is coordinated by Dr Barbara Lynn Cockburn of Toronto University. It is a sort of spoken word(monologue) which excepts can be seen below in the subsequent lines.

"When you go out and see the empty streets

 The empty football fields.

 The empty pitches,churches.

 Even the children empty merry go round.

And now the Stand-off greetings, The  far-off  wave greetings.

 When we be bi na people fo know ya neighbor.

 Mami fufu be bi na neigbour.

 Even Shufai be bi na neighbor.

 But now, things have change

Don’t say to yourself” It looks like the end of the world.

Though we are in the midst of gunshots and our lives  is at stake.

 This time we must love each other from afar.

 Wetti  you  di  see na  love in action!.

 Wetti  you di see fo de empty spaces na say –  we care for each other.

We care for our grandparents.

Our brethren and sisthren.

Even people with plenty other sick dem.

 People will lose jobs over this virus

 People will lose bizness over this virus.

This is all the more reason to just take a moment, when you’re on your walk or on your way

To the market or just watching the news to look into the emptiness, the alluring heartlessness of this COVID turn into a mosaic of love’s Pureness,you go see na  love you di show. When you wear ya mask

  You go see say na love you di show when keep distance.

You go see na love you di show, when you shidon fo house.

It is the most remarkable act of global Solidarity in this calamity.

We may ever witness in our lives.

Wash our hands, Wear our mask. It is all about love

Stay home people: For Shidon fo house na   fo tell you say I love you!."

Producer : Akumbu Jones

Script/concept : Akumbu/ Lanjo

Camera: Ngang Romanus

Song : Magbila

Studio : Gondema

Protagonists: A young girl(Representing Love, Hope.) She looks uncertain but hopefull.We see the view of Live in Bamenda through her eyes.The poem is narrated by her and another voice( Akumbu). A young girl will be  the eye through which we will see the unfolding scenario.

Shooting is on going and we are mindful of social distancing. Keep following us on our social media pages for more updates on production and release day.