LALIG's Arts for Peace started Today

Admin LALIG, Tue 5th, Nov 2019, 04:35

La Liberte Arts Group's project 'ARTS FOR PEACE started today at the Spee Arts Gallery Cultural Centre. We had 20 IDPs, who were introduced to four different forms of Arts: Painting, music, beadsmaking and Acting( Drama therapy).

The project coordinator Makebe Leonel Guy, welcomed the 20 IDPs drawn from the seven Division of the North West and promise  together we will deal with the pain( which  if not deal with properly might lead to cognitive disorders) We hope  the young people will find healing through arts,it should be noted that art is therapeutic!

These 20 IDPs will then be sentinels in their community to help train others. We Want to thank our supporters and funders for this endeavor, especially The Pollination Project, The Franzisca PichFoundation.

Pictures here on our Gallery