A visit to the Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture North West

2, Thu 26th, Jan 2023, 13:36

The team of La Liberté Arts Group made a courtesy visit to The Delegation of Arts And Culture North West and was warmly welcomed by The Regional Delegate Madam Comfort Mbonghe Wanje.She was thrilled to hear about the various projects carried out by LaLig;LEGENDS FOR PEACE, ITS JUST POETIC ,PEELING THE ONION OF PAIN.She was impressed with how projects are being planned out and executed by the entire team of LaLig.Mrs Comfort Mbonghe talked about partnership with La Liberté Arts Group and she promised to include LaLig in some of their projects.We were graced with the presence of the CEO of Black Swagger Inc Mrs Hariet Yuri who drilled us on what Black Swagger Inc is all about and The Delegate Mrs Comfort Mbonghe,encouraged the entire team to keep doing what they do best ,which is using Arts to bring about a positive change in the society and promised a partnership with them.