The multi Award winning Cameroonian Actor meets the Nigerian-France based Film and Theater Producer.

2, Thu 26th, Jan 2023, 10:53

Cameroonian Actor Mr Vugah Samson also known as Grandpa met with Mrs Ese Brume a Nigerian -France based Film and Theater Producer. Sharing some experience in the film industry, they talked about many things including;acting techniques where Grandpa shared the Muscles Memory technique ,a technique he has used over the years.They also shared tips on stage management and have one thing in common, both known for working with young people and encouraging them.The Ovie Brume Foundation is led by Mrs Ese Brume ,its a youth-focused organization, providing free educational, social and recreational programs and activities for under-served children from low income homes.Mr Vugah Samson who has been working over the years on training children on Theater,Spoken Words performance under the Royal Jacket Theater Troupe.She was pleased to know that Mr Vugah Samson is managed by Black Swagger Inc a branch oh La Liberté Arts Group.