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*IT’S JUST POETIC* is a musical stage play written by Akumbu L Jones( first of its kind)

A widower’s struggle to bring up his two very strong willed daughters amidst a climate of people searching for their identity.
Standing up to their father is also a reflection of the civilians seeking to be heard, it is their right to love and be loved,it is upon them to standup against appearances and show the courage it takes to live with their  true reality!

This is a play we hope to revamp theatre play production in our region.

La Liberte Arts Group was instrumental in bringing poetry to the limelight according to  the then Arterial network’s president  Mr Chembifon Muna( the largest arts platform  in Africa) and today we hear of spoken word  poetry in every event around North West,it is the same energy and vision we have for theatre revamping.

It stars the most notable name in theatre and film in the North West region,  this  is no other than the multi award winning Mr Vugar Samson aka Grandpa,aka knack your kanda,The  one take actor and multiple award winning, Ngwa Bernard, introducing the  beautiful medical student  Kathy Bessem (fourth year) who is absolutely a gifted one though in the medical field.The comic  actor Shurker Blaq, introducing Benny Clancy as he takes his first acting role as a singer, the engaging and passionate Nini Janice and many more.
We hope to use the play to start the decolonization process of the arts in the North West.

This play took place in Bamenda on the 19th of December at HILLPARK HOTEL and it will be taking a tour around the National Territory starting with our Capital city Yaoundé soonest. Updates will soon be available on the schedule of this tour and ticketing for our very own phenomenonal #itsjustpoetic! 

You can't afford to miss out!