Admin LALIG, Tue 24th, May 2022, 15:02

Our project LEGENDS FOR PEACE taking to another level as some of our actors have been opportuned to be coached by one of the legendary seasoned Filmaker, Director and Actor in person of Anurin Nwunembom - Ultimate . He is a man who has dedicated close to two decades of his life in theatre and cinema,and his role in the birth and growth of the Cameroon's film industry cannot be undermined. He has been fortunate to take part in high profile projects like 'Ninah's Dowry' done in 2010,this movie won about 40 awards internationally,which has served as a real booster to the Cameroon's movie industry. It should be noted he is the architect over two films on Netflix. It's obvious you should be expecting a bomb as an output!☺️🥳