La Liberte Arts Group: Arts For Development

La Liberte Arts Group (LALIG) was registered with the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Cameroon in 2019, with registration number: No CG/W/862/MINCULT/DRC/SPAIC/NO and Common Initiative Group (CIG) with registration number: No NW/GP/042/11/13506. Over the years, LALIG has carried out various projects in diverse fields.


We leverage our passion and skills to create innovative entertainment approaches to create sustainable ecosystems in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). We produce theatre Plays that have been performed both regionally and nationally such as IT’S JUST POETIC (THE MUSICAL STAGE PLAY), and Films that have been selected for both National and International festivals such as BRIDGE THE GAP was selected by GAMIT Festival in Columbia

We consult for artists and institutions in the cultural and creative industries (CCIs). Some of the institutions we have consulted for include The Goethe Institute Kameroun, The Spee Arts Gallery, and Cultural Center Bamenda. Since the creation of the organization, La LIG has produced the pioneering BLACK SWAGGER POETRY SLAM (BSPS) which is a monthly event and has been able to break even.

La Liberté Arts Group is a non-sectarian, nonpartisan group that uses Arts to Entertain and Educate. We have a deep-seated belief in the power of young people in effecting change in their communities.

It was created by a cream of talented, motivated youths in Bamenda in 2010 as a common initiative group. It has a deep-seated belief in the power of young people in effecting change in their community. Involving young people in taking meaningful ownership of their future will guarantee posterity safety. Youth have to be integrated in all spheres of development in their communities. Their voice has to be heard. 

They carry with them the key to unlock the future. Give them the chance or they will have to take it. LALIG, therefore, creates a platform for people to have a meaningful chance of creating their future through the ARTS, CINEMA, THEATER, POETRY, CONFERENCES, SEMINAR, and CONCERTS.






La Liberte's mission is to use arts in all its facets as a vehicle to foster development in communities while breaking through cultural,  political, economic, social, and gender, barriers.