Digital Rights are Human Rights( On Internet Rights)

What do we mean when we talk about “digital rights”?  

Digital rights in basic terms are Human Rights Online. We are in the Information/technology era where the main way in which we communicate with our colleagues, family and loved ones are our mobile devices and what happens on social media is alleged to have a significant impact on elections. Our data are being collected by governments and corporations alike. In all of these contexts, our basic human rights – our rights to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, privacy, and the like – are implicated. If there ever was a dividing line between “digital” rights and human rights, it has blurred to the point of irrelevance.

Digital Rights Advocacy Group was born as part of the Cameroon Digital Rights Coalition, from the Northwest region of Cameroon. Thanks to the full Funding from INTERNEWS to enable DRAGC to carry out a project to Advocate for uninterrupted internet access, sensitize the public on Digital and Internet Rights, provide steps on how to verify information and spot Fake News on social media and lastly to train the public through our different media outlets on the Responsible use of the internet and how to stay safe online. La Liberte  Arts Group was commissioned to produced a play which was used to sensitize the community.