home of Peace - Maison de la Paix

HOME OF PEACE /MAISON DE LA PAIX is a project jointly organized by La Liberte Arts Group and Cercle Pour Le Promotion de la Creation, CEPCRE. This is an initiative that posits that young people are agents of positive change. It seeks to introduce innovative ways to promote social cohesion and mutual understanding amongst youths of different identities; religion, socio-cultural and economic background by using arts processes to introduce them to the concept of peacebuilding. 


This will be a semi reality tv show that will test youth tolerance level, have ecumenical services, different culinary dishes of the country, visit two regions of Cameroon,they will stay together, their life experience will be put on as performance play written by the youth and supervised by the project coordinators to be performed in Baffoussam and Yaoundé.  This is the second year and the first time we are extending it to Yaounde. 

Requirement 1

  • Must be resident in the North West.
  • Be available from 11 December to 20 December 2019.
  • Be between 15 – 30 Years.
  • Has a valid Identity Document.
  • Is fluent in English and one indigenous Language.

Tell us about yourself

  • Give us a short biography of yourself in English. (50 words).
  • Which skills you will love to share with us in the Home. (50words).
  • Why do you want to be part of the Home mates (100 words?).
  • Why is Peace important to you? (100words).
  • How are you using Arts to promote Peace? (50 words).
  • How can we bring Peace in Cameroon? (50words).

Requirement  2


In video one (Not more than 1 minute), 
Tell us about yourself and why you want to be part of the Home Of Peace in an indigenous language of your choice from the North West.

In video Two, (Not more than 1 Minute), 
Demonstrate a talent or skill you will Share with us in the HOME OF PEACE.

Send to the number 697583369 on WhatsApp


Deadline: 5/12/2019