Legends for Peace (henceforth LFP) is a project aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of and promoting peace in Cameroon. Following the North West Region of Cameroon’s unstable sociopolitical situation since 2016, the Lalig Association of Bamenda together with the Italian anthropological association GAUBA and cultural association GampatiAC have been working towards building peace, tolerance, reconciliation, and human resilience in Cameroon. This collaboration has given birth to LFP, a project which draws lessons from key legends in myths regarding the birth/founding of different ethnic groups in Cameroon to establish ethical common grounds for tolerance and acceptance among Cameroonians. The stories of these selected legends will be presented by local artists in theatrical and musical productions in the North West Region. These presentations will also be combined into a docu-fiction for broader, international dissemination.


LFP has as objectives:

  1. To carry out anthropological research regarding the ancient legends of the north-western area of Cameroon and their salience for present-day ventures aimed at peace and stability. These legends are at risk of being forgotten by younger populations of Cameroonians. This phase will be managed by Lalig in collaboration with a GAUBA anthropologist as consultant.
  2. To produce a dramatization of the legends’ stories collected via the research. During this phase, local artists will cooperate with project members to create and perform a stage  play/musical using accessible or commonly spoken languages like the lingua franca Pidgin. The project will in this way create jobs for artists in the North West Region.
  3. To produce a docu-fiction film and an e-book of the project. These film and book will be promoted at cultural events in Cameroon and abroad, made available to regional television networks in Cameroon, and released on global online platforms for access not just by academics but the wider public. They will focus on shedding light on the importance of peace, brotherhood, and tolerance. Also, through showcasing local artists, the docu-fiction and e-book will launch these artists into more global networks important for sustainable relationships and salient exchange. GampatiAC will be instrumental at this phase of the project.
  4. To increase awareness of the importance of edutainment, further encouraging acting as a tool for peace and development in Cameroon. Local artists will take part in radio shows, press conferences, and appearances on national television.

FUNDED BY: creer en afrique centrale