Stay Safe That’s Love

HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy continues to ravage our youth and the highest hit being youth between the ages of 14-25. This keeps them out of school or increases the likelihood of health complication for the girl child. The future becomes bleak for these girls as some of them are forced into early motherhood which leads to impoverishment.

It becomes imperative that awareness creation and sensitization interventions be tailored to suit this age group. Education Entertainment (EE) as a tool in combating HIV/AIDsand early pregnancy is very apt, especially when the target population is made up of youth be it youth in schools or young professionals, EE tools have the power to engage the minds of the youth.

There are many forms of EE, in this project musical film was the form of EE that was used to create awareness and sensitization campaigns.

We carried auditions in 10 schools and selected those who can sing, act and dance very well and after formative assessment, we wrote the script with selected students. In a musical, the actors sing their lines while acting.

To strike a balance between arts and Science the was the need to use the Pathways to change tools3 in constructing the storylines. These are a series of tools that help writers to write stories that are entertaining and educative.