The workshop on PROJECT-WRITING FOR CULTURAL AND CREATIVE industries, CCIs in Bamenda has come to an end!

This workshop is an initiative of the Bamenda Film HUB in collaboration with La Liberte Arts Group.


Essentials on Project Writing were covered; developing a Concept notes, writing of projects, but more importantly understanding writing projects for Arts and projects for development agencies -whats the similarities and differences.

Understand difference sources of resource mobilization for arts projects especially films.

'This is the first time we are having such a workshop in the history of film making in Bamenda'

The Coordinator Mr Celestine Kimbi of Bamenda film

Hub interjected.

Special care was taken to encourage the participation of female film makers thus strengthening their capacities.

While we had one representative from the minority Fulani community, we took time to make sure the inclusive nature of the project was guaranteed.


'This is one of the most insightful workshop I have attended in a long while' Evita Afunfege, a young film maker and boss of Ivory Pictures quipped.

The Facilitators were no other than our very own Director Akumbu L. Jones and Dr Alasambom Nyinchuo of the department of Performing and Visual Arts of Bamenda University.


We also want to thank the Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture for the North West who were very much present through the head of Creative Industries in the Region, Mrs Abate Debra.

The main reason we undertake this workshop is to contribute in changing the narrative of resource mobilization.

The single most challenging problems film makers faced ourself inclusive is where to get funding and how to go about it.

Most have beautiful screenplays, great actors already available they don't have the means and they don't have the means on how to raise financing for the projects, with myriad of problems we have in the sector, we think that if we can create an alternative source for funding or grant for our local film makers, it will help them to engage more the authorities to better the structuring of the sector,

thus guaranting a veritable ecosystem that has linkages with other industries in the country and delivering sustainable income for our film makers.


Bamenda Film Hub, will always have our support in shaping the future of film making in Bamenda and Cameroon as a whole.

We have series of workshops in the pipeline. We will gradually go step by step in implementing them with many more partners.